Valet - This Site Can't Be Reached - Chrome

Written by Rich Banks on 31st Dec, 2017


I recently moved over to a new laptop and decided to try Laravel Valet instead of Homestead. The reason I decided to try Valet was that it is very lightweight, fast and seemed less of a burden on my laptop than a Homestead virtual machine.

Valet is perfect for my requirements and I cant see myself moving back over to Homestead. However, after a couple of weeks of using Valet trouble free, I stumbled across a problem. I cloned a remote repository I had not worked on for a while, tried to fire it up in Chrome and was met with a "This Site Can't Be Reached" Error. After 20 minutes or so of checking my cloned files, I decided to see if the problem was with Valet rather than my repository. I tried to open a site I was working on yesterday to find that I got the same error.

I then noticed that the site was trying to be served over HTTPS rather than HTTP that I had been using up until now. After a little digging, I found that Chome had recently decided to force HTTPS for .dev domains.

There are a couple of ways to fix this. The easiest, and what I did to get my dev sites working again, was to run the below from the terminal (where your site is being served on

valet secure site

Valet will now secure your with a fresh TLS certificate which resolves this error.

An alternative way to resolve this issue is to change the domain TLD Valet uses. As far as I am aware Chrome is only forcing .dev domains over HTTPS. You can do this by running the below in the terminal:

valet domain test

Valet will now serve your projects using .test.